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  • Vol. 28, No. 1 Fall 2003
  • Table of Contents and Masthead (PDF)

    Editor's Note by Dana Cook Grossman, and Staff List (HTML) (PDF)


    "Creating Connections" (HTML) (PDF)
    By Katrina Mitchell

    The fast pace of American medical education means that students interact with patients in an episodic fashion. Rarely do doctors-to-be see a given patient more than once. But a new Dartmouth Medical School program is changing that, giving students a chance to bond with a single patient and to truly appreciate the impact that illness can have on individuals and their families.

    "The Heart of an Olympian" (HTML) (PDF)
    By John Morton

    When a former Olympic biathlete had cardiac surgery at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, he learned some facts about a part of his anatomy that he'd taken for granted—and even some lessons about determination, or "heart" in its figurative sense.

    "Sugar is Sweet" (HTML) (PDF)
    By Laura Stephenson Carter

    And so is the synergy among Dartmouth engineers, physicians, and biomedical scientists. A recent collaboration has spawned a promising commercial venture—growing therapeutic proteins in yeast. Thanks to a novel way of getting sugar molecules placed on the proteins, the process may revolutionize the way drugs are produced.


    Vital Signs (HTML) (PDF)

    There's news in this issue about prizes (page 8), pain (page 9), prions (10), pediatrics programs (page 17), a poem (page 19), a piano (page 21), and more.

    Letters (HTML) (PDF)

    Bench to bedside (HTML) (PDF)
    "Information galore"
    By William Garrity

    Point of View (HTML) (PDF)
    "A whispering giant"
    By William D. Morain, M.D.

    Student Notebook (HTML) (PDF)
    "Pro salute publica"
    By Bryn Doty, R.N.

    Grand Rounds (HTML) (PDF)
    "Clerkships on ICE"
    By David W. Nierenberg, M.D., and Eric A. Shirley, M.D.

    Development (HTML) (PDF)
    "The value of clinical teaching"
    Barbra Alan

    Faculty Focus (HTML) (PDF)
    "William Wickner, M.D.: Infectious enthusiasm"
    By Laura Stephenson Carter

    Alumni Album (HTML) (PDF)
    "James Strickler, M.D., '51: Reaching out to refugees"
    By Laura Jean Whitcomb

    For the Record (HTML) (PDF)
    "The rewards of renewal"
    By Stephen P. Spielberg, M.D., Ph.D.

    Cover (JPG) (PDF)

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