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The patient's story is much bigger than simply the biomedical components of that story.

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Highlights in this issue

Putting Family First

Geisel graduates are helping fill the primary care gap by pursuing residencies in family medicine.

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That Bourne from whence no Traveller Returns

In the early 19th century, Nathan Smith was among those trying to understand the scourge of dysentery.

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Teaching the Intangibles

The medical curriculum trains students in the less concrete aspects of the profession of medicine.

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Matthew Putnam '77

The journey from a career in academic medicine to performing surgery on the front lines of the war in Afghanistan.

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A New Clinic in Claremont

Geisel medical students take the lead in creating and expanding a medical clinic for people in need.

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A Promising Future

Donors give to support exciting projects in field of neuroscience.

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