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The Road Ahead

Cover ImageTable of Contents Dartmouth's Norris Cotton Cancer Center recently began a new era of leadership with the hiring this summer of its new director Steven D. Leach, MD.
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Ultimately, we want to improve treatment options and patient outcomes not just by creating new drugs, but by identifying which tumors will respond to which treatments, and spare people from ineffective therapies.

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Building on Historic Strengths

Dartmouth has long been at the forefront of cancer immunotherapy and continues to quickly move research from the lab to the clinic.

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From Dartmouth to Honduras

Dartmouth researchers and students are working with partners in Honduras to reduce the country's high cancer burden.

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Giving Hope to Sick Children

Andrea Hayes-Jordan D '87 MED '91 was the first pediatric surgeon to perform a high-risk, life-saving procedure in children with a rare form of cancer.

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Lighting a New Path in
Breast Cancer Research

Todd W. Miller, PhD, is researching ways to kill breast cancer cells by manipulating the signals that turn their growth on and off.

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A Healthy Interest

Geisel turned out to be a key ingredient for med student Sandhya Rao's interest in nutrition.

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Unlocking Fentanyl's Grip
on the Granite State

A HotSpot study by Dartmouth researchers is providing insights into New Hampshire's opioid crisis.

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