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Charting a Course for Success

Cover ImageTable of Contents Geisel looks to the future amid challenges in academic medicine.
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Creativity is crucial to both choreography of movement and to designing novel scientific experiments.
The skills that I've harnessed through dance directly impact my ability to excel in the lab.

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Geisel First-Year Students Are MaD (Making a Difference)

The new Patients and Populations course has students pitching proposals to improve health care.

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Center for Health Equity Inspires Alumni Support

By building partnerships with underserved communities abroad, the Center for Health Equity has inspired generous support from alumni.

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Voices: Why Get a Liberal Education?

To succeed, doctors not only need to have knowledge of biology, they must also master complex systems in which patients live and work.

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Opening Eyes and Doors

There are many opportunities for undergrads to get hands-on research experience at Geisel.

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John Lawrence (DC'76, Med'79)

As a medical student at Dartmouth in the late '70s there were few paths to a career in global health, so John Lawrence blazed his own trail.

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Wave of the Future

Geisel researchers are looking at how mobile tech tools, like smartwatches, can impact behavioral health.

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