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For three of the past four years, a DMS graduate has held the position of chief resident in Stanford University's prestigious Department of Medicine residency program. What is Dartmouth doing right? "We have enjoyed having Dartmouth students at Stanford because of their initiative, commitment, desire to make a difference, and desire to contribute to their colleagues and to patients and the science of medicine," says Kelley Skeff, who directs the medicine residency at Stanford and was a protege of Harold Sox, M.D., former chair of medicine at Dartmouth. "These characteristics are what we like all future physicians to have."

This year's chief resident, Pamela Kunz '01, observes that "Stanford has a very similar feel to Dartmouth— there's a collegial environment and a strong work ethic at both." The DMS dynasty started with Christopher Sharp '98, who was followed by Ross Downey '00. Kunz thinks an important characteristic that she, Sharp, and Downey share is a history of extracurricular and leadership responsibilities at DMS. "We're good at managing a lot of things," she says.

Will the dynasty continue? Kunz thinks so. "We've got an intern here . . . and we'll groom him to be chief, too."


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