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A magazine for alumni and friends of Dartmouth Medical School and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

  • Vol. 25, No. 3 Spring 2001

Table of Contents and Masthead (PDF) 75 KB

Editor's Note by Dana Cook Grossman, and Staff List      (HTML) (PDF) 16 KB


"The Millennium Flight"     (HTML) (pdf) 436 KB
By Susan A. Reeves, R.N. (email)

It was New Year's Eve of 1999. Some donated organs were desperately needed for a transplant patient in Boston. And all other possible medical helicopters were spoken for. It was a tough dilemma that faced a DHMC administrator on that momentous night . . .

"Deepest Secrets"     (HTML) (pdf) 376 KB Continuation of the pdf story is available in the Continued Stories file (see Page 62): (pdf) 73 KB
By Laura Stephenson Carter
Photographs by Medora Hebert (email)

Divining the deepest secrets of the human brain is painstaking work. Two neuroscientists at Dartmouth have devoted their careers to probing neurons and synapses in an effort to better understand this most mysterious of organs.

"Cross Purposes"     (HTML) (pdf) 424 KB
By Timothy Rooney (email)

There is growing recognition of the importance of cross-cultural issues in medicine. No matter how well-intentioned a caregiver is, it's not possible to truly serve patients without understanding their cultural tenets. This point is illustrated by a medical student's perspective on two clinical rotations.

"An Audacious Effort"     (HTML) (pdf) 472 KB
Continuation of the pdf story is available in the Continued Stories file (see Page 63): (pdf) 73 KB
By Drew Remignanti, M.D.

Smallpox was eradicated worldwide in the 1970s, and the hope is that within a few years polio, too, will have been wiped from the face of the earth. A Dartmouth graduate who spent two months in Pakistan helping with that effort tells his story.


Vital Signs     (HTML) (pdf) 712 KB
The news this issue ranges from Russian libraries to a new Rhodes Scholar, from medical law to mitosis—and more.

Letters     (HTML) (pdf) 100 KB

Bench to Bedside      (HTML) (pdf) 64 KB
"Battling biofilms"
By George O'Toole, Ph.D. (website)

Student Perspective     (HTML) (pdf) 60 KB
"Mentors in medicine"
By By Pamela Kunz (email)

Faculty Matters      (HTML) (pdf) 48 KB
"A critical link"
By Virginia Beggs, A.R.N.P. (email)

Development      (HTML) (pdf) 196 KB "Honoring 'triumph'"

Faculty Focus      (HTML) (pdf) 76 KB Continuation of the pdf story is available in the Continued Stories file (see Page 64): (pdf) 73 KB
"Norman Yanofsky, M.D.: Ready for any emergency"
by Laura Stephenson Carter

Alumni Album      (HTML) (pdf) 68 KB
Continuation of the pdf story is available in the Continued Stories file (see Page 64): (pdf) 73 KB
"Katharine Phillips '87: Shedding light on BDD"
By Laura Stephenson Carter

From the Dean     (HTML) (pdf) 32 KB
"Cumulative repository"
By John C. Baldwin, M.D.

Continued Stories      (pdf) 73 KB

 COVER     (JPG) (pdf) 332 KB

The cockpit of Dartmouth- Hitchcock Medical Center's air rescue helicopter is no stranger to drama. In fact, it's the "everyday" nature of a dramatic event that took place on New Year's Eve of the millennium that was most remarkable to the DHMC administrator who tells the tale. The cover photograph is by Jon Gilbert Fox. The associated feature starts on page 26.

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