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A Magazine for Alumni and Friends of Dartmouth Medical School and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

  • Vol. 29, No. 1
    Fall 2004

Table of Contents and Masthead (pdf) 176 KB

Editor's Note by Dana Cook Grossman, and Staff List
(html) (pdf) 92 KB


One More Byline (html) (pdf) 1.1 MB (Continued PDF) 284 KB
By Mary E. Daubenspeck

In which a writer chronicles her final struggle with cancer— illuminating a stormy course but elucidating what really matters in the human condition.

"Ten Years After"(html) (pdf) 2.3 MB
Photographs by John Douglas; Text by Laura Stephenson Carter

In 1994, we profiled several "typical" medical students, exploring in text and photographs what life at DMS was really like. Now, 10 years later, we return to take another look at those profilees' lives. Where are they today? What are they doing? And what do they think the next 10 years will bring?

"The Man in the Middle"(html) (pdf) 392 KB
By Timothy Takaro, M.D.

President Roosevelt started it and Jonas Salk finished it, but the middleman who connected the dots was Dartmouth alumnus Basil O'Connor. "It," of course, was the most burning health problem of the mid-20th century—figuring out a way to prevent polio.

"Broken Bodies, Broken Souls"(html) (pdf) 352 KB (Continued PDF) 284 KB
By Emily R. Transue, M.D.

A DMS alumna rues the limits of medicine, writing revealingly about the angst that can beset doctors as they face the vagaries and ultimatums of the health-care system. But at the same time, she celebrates the moments of humanity that can occur despite the system's limits.


Vital Signs (pdf) 2 MB

News about millions of needless Paps, better breast imaging, adding to drug ads, grinning grads, and much more.

Letters from Readers (html) (pdf) 624 KB (Continued PDF) 284 KB<

Student Notebook (html) (pdf) 100 KB
By Jennifer McGuire

Point of View (html) (pdf) 240 KB
By Oglesby H. Young, M.D.

Development (html) (pdf) 684 KB
By Barbra Alan

Faculty Focus: Kathleen Allden, M.D. (html) (pdf) 148 KB
By Jennifer Durgin

Alumni Album: Stephen Galli, M.D., '70 (html) (pdf) 156 KB
By Laura Stephenson Carter

Bench to Bedside (html) (pdf) 132 KB
By Alla Kan, M.S.

For the Record (html) (pdf) 144 KB
By Stephen P. Spielberg, M.D., Ph.D.

COVER (JPG) 24 KB (pdf) 224 KB
Mary Daubenspeck, the author of our cover article, died in March of 2001. This lighthouse— Nauset Beach Light on Cape Cod—was a beacon for her during her life, as it has been for her family since her death. See page 32 for a feature adapted from Daubenspeck's diary—an account that is by turns wry and uplifting, insightful and heart-rending.

Dartmouth Medicine seeks to convey the breadth and depth of the education, research, and clinical activities of DMS and DHMC; to serve as a publication of historical record; to stimulate thought and discussion on issues in medicine and medical education; and to reflect the range of opinions and activities among Dartmouth medical students, faculty, and alumni. Among abbreviations used regularly in these pages are DMS (Dartmouth Medical School), DHMC (Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center), MHMH (Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital), DC (Dartmouth College), and HS (housestaff). The opinions of contributors do not necessarily reflect those of DMS or DHMC.

Dartmouth Medicine is published four times a year—the Fall issue in late September, Winter in late December, Spring in late March, and Summer in late June.

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