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A Magazine for Alumni and Friends of Dartmouth Medical School and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Vol. 33, No. 3 Spring 2009


My Story
By P.J. Hamel

Coverage of cancer is often about numbers: incidence figures, risk ratios, five-year survival percentages, mortality rates. All those numbers are, of course, important. But so, too, is every individual story that underlies the numbers. Here is one such story.

Patient Teachers

Turning medical students into doctors is a job that calls for scientific acumen, medical expertise, and lots of patience. And it calls for patients, too. Many students say that the most powerful lessons they learn—especially those about the importance of the human touch—are insights that they glean from patients. Here are several such sagas.

The Supply Side of Medicine
By Amos Esty

How many doctors does the U.S. need? Many more, say some policy-makers, to address access problems and population trends. Not so, says a DMS researcher, who argues that churning out more doctors won't fix the problems and may make them worse. He and others call instead for a more rational payment system and better-organized planning to rectify current imbalances in the physician supply.


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Writer P.J. Hamel can often be found beating cake batter, or blogging about baking, at the King Arthur Flour Company. Eight years ago, though, what she was intent on beating was breast cancer. She writes about her diagnosis and treatment—and her life since—in the feature "My Story." The cover photo is by Jon Gilbert Fox.


Dartmouth Medicine seeks to convey the breadth and depth of the education, research, and clinical activities of DMS and DHMC; to serve as a publication of historical record; to stimulate thought and discussion on issues in medicine and medical education; and to reflect the range of opinions and activities among Dartmouth medical students, faculty, and alumni. Abbreviations used in these pages include DMS (Dartmouth Medical School), DHMC (Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center), MHMH (Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital), and DC (Dartmouth College). The opinions of contributors do not necessarily reflect those of DMS or DHMC.


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My Story

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Spring 2009

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