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"Not Tuscany" Digital Photograph By John Rush

"Photography is an escape for me," says John Rush, physician services manager at DHMC. His job involves working with outside clinicians, making sure their communications with Dartmouth specialists go smoothly. "I tend to compartmentalize my life," he explains, "to keep work separate from outside interests." But, he admits, "I think people [at work] know about this avocation." It's an avocation that has absorbed him since he was very young. "During early grade school, I had a 35-millimeter Minolta. . . . Maybe it is in my genes," he muses. "My grandmother developed and printed photos as a hobby. I was always fascinated by the darkroom in her basement." The image above was shot with a Nikon D200, a digital camera, in Berlin, Vt. The scene "reminded me of some of the hill country in Italy. . . . I like people to think about how beautiful the land around us is. There is beauty in the cow pasture around the corner, the back yard, etc., if you look for it." Rush favors landscapes, in good measure because he loves the outdoors. He always carries a camera with him and has "hiked to remote areas, set up my tripod, and waited two or three hours" to get the perfect shot, but he has also "leapt out of the car to take a photograph before the light changes, barely having time to focus."When he's got a camera in his hands, "I don't think about much else but photography," he says. But art does occasionally intrude on his thoughts at work. "I am interested in the role art has in the healing process," he observes, "and think it is fantastic that DHMC has an active arts program and [considers] the therapeutic impact of art on healing."

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