Geisel Welcomes the Class of 2025

Members of the Class of ’25 participate in team building exercises during their orientation. Photo by Kurt Wehde

Now that many coronavirus restrictions have been lifted, 92 first-year medical students at Geisel School of Medicine marked the beginning of a new academic year by spending time with each other in person before immersing themselves in their medical education.

During his opening remarks, Duane Compton, PhD, dean of the Geisel School of Medicine warmly welcomed the new students to three days of activities designed to build interpersonal relationships and familiarize them with the Geisel community.

“This is where it begins,” Compton said, referring to their journey through medical education, which can be daunting. An avid hiker, he used his hiking poles as a metaphor for the support Geisel gives students throughout their medical education and emphasized the importance of teamwork to both medical education and the practice of medicine. “As you take your first steps today and move forward on your path … you will encounter times when you need extra support. That’s why we are here—to support and guide you.

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