Research Notes | Fall 2020

Geisel Study Examines Well Water Testing Promotion in Pediatric Primary Care

Findings from a new study conducted by a team of researchers at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine and published in the journal Preventive Medicine Reports, show that involving pediatric practices in the promotion of well water testing can influence parental compliance. Read More >>

Geisel and UNH Share Data from Statewide COVID-19 Survey

Geisel researchers have published data from a COVID-19 community survey launched in collaboration with the University of New Hampshire Survey Center. The survey will track the progress of the COVID-19 outbreak in New Hampshire and factors associated with transmission. Read More >>

HPV Vaccines That Work in U.S. Women May Miss the Target in Women from Other Countries

A research team at Dartmouth’s and Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center has found that the same vaccination programs that target human papillomavirus (hrHPV) strains in the United States may not be as effective in protecting other populations of women from the disease. Read More >>

New Report Examines Challenges and Implications of False-Negative COVID-19 Tests

A new Dartmouth-led paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine highlights that more emphasis should be placed on addressing the inaccuracy of COVID-19 diagnostic tests. Read More >>

Dartmouth’s Center for Global Health Equity Releases Research on Early Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on Rural Health Equity

A new study from the Center for Global Health Equity at Dartmouth revealed key strengths in the rural Northern New England response that contributed to low infection rates and mitigated the impacts on the region’s vulnerable populations. Read More >>

New Study Shows How Tests of Hearing Can Reveal HIV’s Effects on the Brain

Findings from a new study published in Clinical Neurophysiology, in a collaborative effort between Geisel and the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University, are shedding further light on how the brain’s auditory system may provide a window into how the brain is affected by HIV. Read More >>

Participants Raise $2.8 Million for Cancer Services and Research at Virtual Prouty

More than 2,500 participants came together virtually between June 1 and July 11 to raise $2,800,000 for Norris Cotton Cancer Center during the Prouty, featuring a variety of activities and participants from around the globe. Read More >>

NH-INBRE Program Receives $19 Million to Boost Biomedical Research and Training Statewide

With the awarding of a five-year, $19.9 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Geisel and the University of New Hampshire will continue to lead efforts to enhance biomedical research capabilities in the state as part of the New Hampshire IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (NH-INBRE). Read More >>

NCI Funds Cancer Immunologists to Investigate Differing Antibody Responses to Coronavirus

A $328,000 National Cancer Institute (NCI) grant will enable researchers at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center to investigate one of the mechanisms that may be responsible for the body’s inability to fight COVID-19. Read More >>

Researchers Find a New Therapeutic Target in Pancreatic Cancer

A new study uncovers how the most commonly mutated tumor suppressor gene in cancer and the most commonly mutated oncogene in cancer cooperate to drive formation of pancreatic cancer. Read More >>

Norris Cotton Cancer Center Receives Grant to Improve Rural Patient Access to Cancer Clinical Trials

A newly awarded $820,000 grant from the National Cancer Institute will allow a team of multi-disciplinary investigators to increase clinical trial awareness and participation for rural patients who make up almost half of the area served by the Norris Cotton Cancer Center. Read More >>

New Dartmouth Study Shows That Greater Financial Integration Generally Not Associated with Better Healthcare Quality

New findings from a Dartmouth-led study, published in the August issue of Health Affairs, show that larger, more integrated healthcare systems do not generally deliver better quality care, and urge policy makers to ensure that mergers or acquisitions due to pandemic-associated financial stress adhere to current antitrust law. Read More >>

Dartmouth Study Offers New Details on Pediatric Mental Health Boarding

A Dartmouth-led study, published in Pediatrics, offers new details about the prevalence and factors associated with pediatric mental health boarding in emergency departments across the U.S. Read More >>

U.S. Hospital Admissions for Non-COVID-19 Have Only Partially Rebounded from Initial Decline

A new Dartmouth study in Health Affairs examines how hospital admissions during the rebound from the initial COVID-19 onset varies by age, insurance coverage and socioeconomic groups. Read More >>

Dartmouth TB Vaccine Moves Forward After Successful Phase 2 Trial

Results from the Phase 2 trial of the DAR-901 tuberculosis (TB) vaccine from a three-year trial in Tanzania were announced by investigators at Geisel and published in the journal Vaccine. Read More >>