Narratives in Medicine – Geisel School of Medicine’s Literary Journal Takes on a New Life

Summer 2020 marks the revival of Lifelines, Geisel School of Medicine’s literary and art journal. Freely distributed to hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, schools, and libraries in New Hampshire and Vermont, the journal connects healthcare providers and patients through narratives in medicine.

Dartmouth College’s focus on the liberal arts is evident in Geisel’s curriculum—it is one of few medical schools that support a student-edited print publication of work by medical students and physicians interested in the humanities.

“A medical school affiliated with a liberal arts college is rare, and a medical school that takes the liberal arts seriously is exceptional,” says Colin McLeish ’22, one of the journal’s three chief editors along with Renisa Ramnath ’22 and Diana Lee ’22. “When I began looking at medical schools those values were important to me—Lifelines stood out as an example of how medical students stay involved with what they love.”

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