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The detective story that was the cover feature in the Fall issue tickled the fancy of a reader who works at DHMC. Another, an alumna, enjoyed the "Faculty Focus" profile of a favorite professor renowned for his Boston accent as well as for his skill with both students and patients.

Added intrigue

I loved "A Case for Surgical Removal" [Fall 1999]! Way to add some intrigue to an otherwise academic read (a very enjoyable academic read, of course). I'm already looking over my shoulder when I walk on Level Two!

Brett Hanscom
Norwich, Vt.

Hanscom works at DHMC as a statistical analyst.

A gift to patients and students

I was delighted to see Dr. Joseph O'Donnell featured in the Fall 1999 issue's "Faculty Focus" pro- file. I'm sure I can speak for my entire class when I say that Joe embodies the spirit of the DMS faculty-student experience.

As a second-year student, I loved his lecture style (standing on a chair to get our attention, telling us that a certain cancer cell was a "bad actor" and that we must remember to "always look at the smear"—pronounced "smeah," of course).

As a third-year student, I watched him examine a dear patient who had a fever and neutropenia. Whenever I was called to see a patient with the same problem during my pediatrics residency, my recollection of Joe's exam guided me to act quickly, thoroughly, and tenderly on the patient's behalf. When Joe left that patient's room at the VA, the elderly patient told me, "He's a brilliant boy."

How funny it sounded to me then: Joe, my hero, a boy? But how true it is. He is a gift to patients and students alike.

Maureen Micek, M.D.
DMS '90
Cooperstown, N.Y.

Cover kudos

Dartmouth Medicine keeps getting better and better. It is an excellent, interesting, informative, entertaining publication with broad appeal. I particularly liked the cover of the Fall 1999 issue.

Cheers to the whole DM staff.

Anne C. Baird
Haverhill, N.H.

Valuable service

I am extremely pleased to receive Dartmouth Medicine. I find the magazine so interesting and informative. I receive publications from the universities I attended and other institutions, but Dartmouth Medicine is on the top of my list.

Thank you for the valuable service you provide in offering complimentary subscriptions; please accept the enclosed contribution by way of thanks.

Jack H. Mishkin, D.D.S.
Miami Beach, Fla.

We're in turn extremely pleased! Although we don't charge anything for Dartmouth Medicine, we do appreciate contributions toward our modest budget. Our thanks to thoughtful reader Mishkin.

Granite State expatriate

I would love a subscription to your magazine. I'm in medical school in California, but my mom is a librarian in New Hampshire and always saves her copies of Dartmouth Medicine for me to read whenever I come home to visit. Thank you.

Molly Capron
San Diego, Calif.

Enchanted reader

I have just finished reading the latest edition of Dartmouth Medicine. I found it to be very interesting. I would appreciate it if you would add my name to your list to receive future issues.

Charles L. Baldwin
Las Cruces, N.M.

India inkling

Would you please send me a subscription to Dartmouth Medicine? A friend sent me the Summer 1999 issue so I could read the article "Intriguing India," because I am about to go to India for a month to use my ophthalmology training, which I've just completed. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy that article but the rest of the magazine as well! Many thanks.

Alice Gasch, M.D.
Washington, D.C.

We're always glad to hear from readers —whether it's a letter from a longtime subscriber who's weighing in with an opinion, or a note from someone who would like to become a longtime subscriber. In fact, we are happy to send Dartmouth Medicine—on a complimentary basis—to anyone who is interested in the subjects that are covered in the magazine. We regret, however, that the complimentary subscription offer can be extended only to addresses in North America. Both subscription requests and letters to the editor may be sent to: Editor, Dartmouth Medicine, One Medical Center Drive (HB 7070), Lebanon, NH 03756, or via e-mail to: dartmed@dartmouth.edu. Letters for publication may be edited for clarity or length.

Is Alvord available?

As a staff sergeant in the Army, I represent the Native American soldiers stationed here at Fort Bragg. I am the noncommissioned officer in charge of obtaining a guest speaker this year for our Native American Heritage Observance, "Visions of the 21st Century: Educating Our Youth the Native American Way." I would like to get in touch with Dr. Lori Alvord of Dartmouth Medical School to see if she can be our speaker.

I have visited Dartmouth twice and have passed around your magazine featuring Dr. Alvord's story [Spring 1999] quite a bit. Is there a way you can put me in touch with her? Thank you very much.

S. Sgt. Theresa Blue Bird
Fort Bragg, N.C.

We're happy to put readers in touch with individuals mentioned in the magazine.

Wish granted

On our trips to DHMC for medical appointments, we often pick up your magazine and find it very informative, so we wish to be put on your mailing list as mentioned in the magazine. Thank You.

William and Mary Reynolds
Barton, Vt.

As noted, we are happy to add to our subscription rolls anyone interested in the topics covered in the magazine.

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