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  • "Changing the Rules"
    By H. Gilbert Welch, M.D., M.P.H.

    The incidence of conditions like hypertension and diabetes has skyrocketed in recent years. Some of that increase is real. But some of it is due to changes in the way diseases are defined. In this excerpt from a soon-to-be published book, a member of the DMS faculty explains the downsides of that trend.

  • "Book Case"
    Medicine today may seem to have all too much to do with technology, devices, and numbers. Here, an assortment of Dartmouth-Hitchcock clinicians and DMS alumni make the case for looking to books as a way to retain the art of medicine.

  • "A View of the Forest"
    By Amos Esty

    If the minutiae of science and anatomy are the "trees" of medicine, then the "forest" is an understanding of how the parts of the medical system fit together, of the change in medical practice from a solo pursuit to a team enterprise, of the rising cost of care. And more. DMS now gives students that big-picture view starting on their first day.

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