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The ongoing battle against HIV/AIDS

Physiologist Charles Wira, Ph.D., was one of the first scientists studying HIV/AIDS to focus on mucosal immunity in the female reproductive tract. Among the many advances he has made is a recent study showing that there are microbicides that can inhibit HIV infection in the reproductive tracts of healthy women both with and without HIV, a finding detailed in the article "Tract record: Three decades of chasing HIV" in the Winter 2010 issue of Dartmouth Medicine.

Figuring out how to prevent the transmission of HIV to women is a major front in the battle against HIV/AIDS, as in some parts of the world women make up a large majority of new cases of the disease. In the summer of 2010, Wira brought together scientists from around the world to talk about the latest research on HIV/AIDS, with a particular focus on mucosal immunity in the reproductive tracts of both men and women. In addition to scientific presentations, the conference included a panel discussion, titled "The Forgotten Epidemic: AIDS in the 21st Century," that was open to the public.

To watch the welcoming addresses at the beginning of the scientific sessions, or the talks in the public forum, click below and then click on the "Launch Event" link for either the July 2 public session or the June 30 welcome to the scientific sessions.

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