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  • "An Uphill Battle"
    By Amos Esty

    Toxic pollution from small-scale gold-mining. Indiscriminate use of an antibiotic that can lead to hearing loss. Scarce or nonexistent health-care resources. Those are a few of the problems that are drawing more and more people with Dartmouth ties down to Nicaragua.

  • "The most unspeakable terror"
    By Emily Baumrin, William Corbett, Amita Kulkarni, and Lee Witters, M.D.

    In the 1800s, childbirth was often fraught with fear and death rather than joy. But growing knowledge about the cause of puerperal fever--also known as childbed fever--eventually brought the epidemic of maternal and infant mortality under control.

  • "The Longest Run"
    By Jonathan A. Stableford

    When a fit-as-a-fiddle marathoner collides with a near-fatal bout of pneumonia, he finds that getting back on his feet takes far longer than he had imagined. In fact, his recovery calls for more fortitude, emotionally and physically, than a grueling road race.

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