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Transforming Medicine Campaign

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.
 —Statesman Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

Giving thanks to donors

By Kate Villars

Supporters of theTransforming Medicine Campaign gathered with Medical Center leaders at the annual donor appreciation reception in September to celebrate the progress of the Campaign as it enters its final year.

Dr. George Blike, DHMC's quality and patient safety officer, gave the evening's keynote address, describing the quality improvement processes and facilities that are integral to DHMC's commitment to delivering effective, efficient, timely, and safe care for every patient.

Another highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Outstanding Community Ambassador Award, honoring an individual who exemplifies the Medical Center's commitment to its community; it went this year to longtime DHMC volunteer Shirley Reid.

Outstanding support from employees

By Kate Villars

As employees give to the Transforming Medicine Campaign in ever greater numbers, their support is making a real impact. DHMC's second annual Employee Giving Campaign wrapped up on August 31 with an outstanding show of support by staff. Almost 1,000 employees participated in the threemonth campaign with gifts totaling $285,470—more than doubling last year's Employee Campaign contributions.

"That's a tremendous response from those of us who know DHMC best," says Amy Schrom, director of annual giving and direct marketing for DHMC and DMS.

These results bring total employee giving to the Transforming Medicine Campaign to $26.5 million. That figure includes not only the extraordinary $20-million gift commitment from the late Dr. Peter Williamson and his wife, Susan Williamson, but also thousands of much smaller gifts that demonstrate the tremendous loyalty and dedication of DHMC's employees.

"Employees giving at all levels understand the critical role of philanthropy in this institution. They're really having an impact on the success of the Transforming Medicine Campaign," notes Brian Lally, vice president for development.

Seven staff members led this year's Employee Giving Campaign: Matt Choate, nurse unit leader in the pediatric intensive care unit; Christina Cole, surgery clerkship program coordinator; Nikki Gewirz, physician's assistant in orthopaedic surgery; Kyle Madigan, chief flight nurse with the Dartmouth- Hitchcock Advanced Response Team; Kelly Sheridan, administrative supervisor in care management; Jona Roberts, manager of engineering services; and Laurie Tostenson, training and quality assurance manager in housekeeping.

Their motivations for supporting the Campaign ranged from the professional to the very personal. "We're very fortunate to have a leading academic medical center, where we can challenge ourselves professionally, in such a beautiful place," says Madigan."DHMC is vital for the health of the community and the region, and we're expanding our services and outreach farther than ever before. As employees,we have an opportunity to be part of that transformation."

"This is the hospital that I was born in and everyone in my family has been touched by," explains Tostenson. "As you walk down the malls and halls of DHMC, you meet your friends, family, and neighbors. What you do for others at DHMC comes back to you through your community. Why wouldn't I support DHMC?"

"I'm proud to support the Campaign," says Cole,"and to encourage my coworkers to give, because I'm so passionate about the work we do here. Like anyone else in this community, those of us who work here have a big stake in DHMC's success and an obligation to give back.

"I'm really pleased with the participation we've had," adds Cole, who was an Employee Campaign leader last year, too. "Next year I hope we'll double our employee giving again."

Raising the bar
The financial goal of the Transforming Medicine Campaign for Dartmouth Medical School and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center is to raise $250 million by 2009. Even more far-reaching is its goal of "raising the bar" in medicine. Of questioning assumptions—respecting tradition but not following it blindly. Of erasing boundaries—translating science from the lab bench to the bedside by connecting researchers with clinicians. Of creating solutions to the nation's most critical health-care issues. Of transforming medicine.

Campaign update
As the 2008 calendar year draws to a close, the Transforming Medicine Campaign continues to make steady progress toward its goal of raising $250 million for DMS and DHMC.As of late November, commitments totaled more than $222 million.

Recent gifts to the Campaign have included a $500,000 commitment to the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice from Whit and Closey Dickey of Lebanon, N.H.; $800,000 in additional support for palliative care from the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation; a $250,000 gift to Norris Cotton Cancer Center North in St. Johnsbury, Vt., from Walter and Carole Young of Woodsville, N.H.; and continued support from the Hendricks- Felton Family Foundation for the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth's Family Center, which is now known as "Molly's Place."

Learning more
For more about the Transforming Medicine Campaign, visit http://transmed.dartmouth.edu

Kate Villars is assistant director of development communications for DMS-DHMC.

If you'd like to offer feedback about this article, we'd welcome getting your comments at DartMed@Dartmouth.edu.

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