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magazine with the figure on the far right unidentified. It is my grandmother, Margaret Thurston Frost, who before she married Dr. Gilman Frost was the head nurse at Mary Hitchcock Hospital. I meant to write then but didn't get around to it. Maybe that figure has always been unidentified. If so, I hope the record will be corrected.

I might add that for generations, all male Frosts have gone to Dartmouth, starting with my great-grandfather, Dr. Carlton P. Frost, who was instrumental in founding Mary Hitchcock Hospital. There is a young Carlton P. Frost at Dartmouth right now.

Marguerite Frost
New Westminster, B.C.

The photo to which Frost refers is reproduced below. It has been published in Dartmouth Medicine several times over the years, sometimes with the identities of all four individuals included in the caption and sometimes, if space was tight, without naming them. But all four names are definitely part of the historical record. This is a highly significant photograph, as it happens, for not only does it depict an important medical event but it is, as far as can be determined, the first photograph ever taken of a scientific experiment actually in progress.

Germane to the times
Please convey to the authors of the feature articles in the last issue that this recipient of Dartmouth Medicine thinks they were splendidly written and very germane to the times. I'm a grateful recipient of the magazine. It always takes me back to some of my fondest recollections of time, place, and association—my residency in pathology and internal medicine at Dartmouth in the 1950s. Thank you.

Chauncey G. Paxson, M.D.
Housestaff '51-56
Lopez Island, Wash.

Varying viewpoints
When we moved to New Hampshire seven years ago, we received copies of Dartmouth Medicine addressed to the previous owners of our house. As a medical technologist who has done research, taught, and worked in clinical laboratories for more than four decades, I

Be sure to tell us when you move! If your address changes and you want to keep getting Dartmouth Medicine, just tear off the address panel from the back of a recent issue, write your new address next to the old one, and mail it to: Dartmouth Medicine, 1 Medical Center Drive (HB 7070), Lebanon, NH 03756. It helps us greatly— since our mailing list is drawn from six separate databases—if you send the actual cover or a copy of it. If that's not possible, please include both your old and new addresses. Note, too, that if you receive more than one copy of the magazine, it's because of those six databases (which are in different formats, so they can't be automatically "de-duped"). We're happy to eliminate duplications, but it's a help to have the address panel on all the copies you get, not just the one(s) you'd like deleted.

Pictured here are Drs. Edwin and Gilman Frost (left and standing) performing the nation's first clinical x-ray, on Eddie McCarthy (center), as Margaret Frost (right) looks on; her granddaughter wanted to make sure her name was known.

enjoyed reading the pertinent, well-written articles that presented varying viewpoints on clinical issues—from both the professional and the patient perspectives. After reading several articles by DMS alumna Emily Transue, for example, I

purchased her book and found it compelling.

We no longer receive Dartmouth Medicine and would like to be placed on the list ourselves to get the magazine. Thank you for producing a unique publication that deals with many of the important problems and advances in health care today.

Elizabeth Epp
Merrimack, N.H.

A very happy patient
I would greatly appreciate being added to your mailing list. The first thing I do, whenever I enter Dartmouth'sNorris Cotton Cancer Center for my six-month checkups, is look for Dartmouth Medicine. Norris Cotton and DHMC are truly amazing when it comes to patient care—I have been a very happy patient since 2003.

Barbara Gohlke
Gorham, N.H.

Valuable and relevant
Recently, while at the library in Sunapee, N.H., I came across your magazine. I was stunned to find that such an interesting, handsome magazine existed. I have been going to DHMC for all my care since moving to Newbury, N.H., in 2002 and have been continually impressed by the comprehensive facilities and professional staff. So the contents of your magazine are valuable and relevant to me. I noted that complimentary subscriptions are available and would dearly appreciate being added to your mailing list.

Charles Crickman
Newbury, N.H.

Humanitarian approach
I used to have a complimentary subscription to Dartmouth Medicine and enjoyed it immensely, since I was a student of health and nutrition in both high school (where I was introduced to the publication) and college. Do you still send it out to interested readers? As curious as I was about what goes on at DHMC, I most of all enjoyed the stories about the staff and students—which were written so fluently—as well as the humanitarian approach to medicine.

Elizabeth A.Walsh
Wentworth, N.H.

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