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Turning Thirty: Numbers

Sometimes a story can be told with a few numbers or spare facts. On these two pages are some numerical insights into the institutions that are the magazine's subject matter. They were drawn from our own pages as well as from back issues of assorted other publications.

Included here are some random facts (and amusing factoids) about Dartmouth medicine—not the magazine, but the institutions that it covers. The primary reason for the selection of these particular tidbits was that they all contain the number "three" (with and without one or more leading/trailing zeroes) in honor of the magazine's three decades.

Year when annual tuition at DMS first topped $30,000

Year when annual tuition first topped $3,000

Tuition for one semester in 1951

Year when annual tuition first topped $300—jumping 28% from $280 to $360

Years of college coursework required for admission to DMS in 1920

Materials fee in 1910 for the second-year bacteriology course

Number of biomedical books in the library in 1955 (today there are 240,000)

Minimum fee for use of the operating room imposed during World War I

Number of years (1948-1978) William Wilson was MHMH's chief administrator

Number of patients cared for at MHMH in '30 (1930, that is)

Number of dumbwaiters in the "completely renovated and modernized" MHMH kitchen in 1970

Number of graduates in the Class of '30 (1830, that is)

Hours of physiology required in the first and second year during the mid-1930s

Year MHMH received a $3-million grant that made it one of the first regional cancer centers funded under the National Cancer Act

Years of study (year-round) required to complete the "innovative" M.D. program introduced in 1970; deemed too intense, it was replaced by a four-year program in 1980

Year that an M.D. class (of 84) was first chosen from more than 3,000 applicants

1930, that is—year the Hitchcock Clinic hired its first radiologist

Year when annual research grants and contracts first topped $30 million

Total number of DMS faculty members in 1935

Number of current DMS faculty members named Katherine or Kathleen (or a variant spelling)

Hours of medical statistics, including "tabular and graphical presentation of data," required in 1947-48

Years until DMS celebrates its 300th birthday

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