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Turning Thirty: Numbers

Sometimes a story can be told with a few numbers or spare facts. On these two pages are some numerical insights into the institutions that are the magazine's subject matter. They were drawn from our own pages as well as from back issues of assorted other publications.

Included here are some random facts (and amusing factoids) about Dartmouth medicine—not the magazine, but the institutions that it covers. The primary reason for the selection of these particular tidbits was that they all contain the number "three" (with and without one or more leading/trailing zeroes) in honor of the magazine's three decades.

Number of U.S. medical schools older than DMS (Penn, Harvard, & Columbia)

Year that DMS graduated its 30th doctor—nine years after the School's founding

Number of M.D. students in 1987

Sum granted to DMS by the New Hampshire legislature for the purchase of equipment in '03 (1803, that is)

Number of surgeons in the 1980 DHMC referral guide (today there are 90)

Year the Hitchcock Clinic medical staff first topped 300

Average daily cost of providing care to one patient in 1960

Year when the number of annual surgical procedures at MHMH reached 300

Number of interns in training at MHMH in 1971

Increase in inpatient beds (to 450) during the 1960s

Year that DMS first graduated more than 30 doctors in a year

1903, that is—the year MHMH acquired its first x-ray machine, a gift from four Hanover residents

Year the total number of Ph.D. students topped 30

Number of students just in the M.D.-Ph.D. program in 2005

Year MHMH's annual budget first topped $3 million (it was over $4 million by 1962)

Number of biomedical journal subscriptions in 1958

Number of biomedical journal subscriptions in 1988

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