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Turning Thirty: Pictures

A picture is, as the saying goes, worth a thousand words. So here are 15,000 words' worth of images from past issues. The reasons we chose them vary. Some are timeless in their graphic impact. Some are amusingly dated. And some tell a fascinating story (together with a few actual words).

Included here are a selection of photographs—nearly all of them ones taken especially for this magazine—that have appeared in our pages in the course of 30 years. The captions indicate the issue in which the picture was first published and the reason it was chosen for this retrospective.

Summer 2006: This pair of prion researchers—Surachai Supattapone, left, and Nick Orem—struck a striking pose as they studied the results from a Western blot.

Winter 1991: Teaching in medicine and science sometimes takes place in huge lecture halls but also happens on the spot, here and there, one-on-one (or two). Here, radiologist Susan Harper offers an insight to two students.

Summer-Fall 1997: Former dean Marsh Tenney points to his tiny office in a model of the building from which he "refounded" DMS in the 1950s.

Summer 2002: When we wrote about anesthesiology resident Ann Bartlett's penchant for wearing an Orvis fishing vest in the OR—because of the practicality of its pockets—the fishing gear firm e-mailed us to inquire about using the image in their catalog, though they never actually did so.

Spring 1978: This photo recorded for posterity the taking of the first clinical x-ray in America, at Dartmouth, in 1896. And the image itself is historic, too—it's the first photograph of a scientific experiment actually in progress.

Spring 2004: Over 80% of first- and second-years do some community service. Roy Wade and Shirin Sioshansi raised awareness among classmates of the impact of culture on care.

Summer 1996: Learning (and teaching) the art of the doctor-patient relationship was clearly a delight for first-year Julia Bossung and pediatrician Steve Kairys.

Spring 2002: The sterile reprocessing of surgical implements is one of many behind-the-scenes hospital functions.

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