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  • "Compound Interest"
    By Jennifer Durgin

    What if the way to win the war on cancer is not to cure tumors but to keep them from forming in the first place? Dartmouth's Michael Sporn, known as the "father of chemoprevention," has devoted his career to that question. Now he and his collaborators have two compounds in clinical trials—compounds that may stop tumors before they start.

  • "Cold Comfort"
    By Laura Stephenson Carter

    If an influenza pandemic strikes again, it could be cold comfort to know that lessons learned from the 1918 flu epidemic may offer more help than modern medicine. Here are some insights gleaned from the Dartmouth archives and from a Dartmouth graduate who studies pandemics.

  • "Turning Thirty"

    Dartmouth Medicine was spawned in 1976, when the dictum "Don't trust anyone over thirty" was still in vogue. In the three decades since then—through one name change, several redesigns, many production improvements, and, most significantly, countless changes in its subject matter—the magazine has endeavored to earn the trust of readers, to engage you in Dartmouth medicine.

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