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Transforming Medicine Campaign

Scholarship generosity

By Barbra Alan

The second annual Celebrating Our Scholars dinner, held the evening of October 19, gave DMS scholarship students the satisfying opportunity to personally thank many of the donors whose generosity is helping to fund their medical education.

"It's nice to put a face with a name," explained Jamie Miller, a first-year medical student." When you receive your admissions letter telling you that you've received a scholarship, it's a mystery where that money is coming from. Tonight, I can express my gratitude to the people who have given me the opportunity to study at Dartmouth."

Dr. Mark Horwich, a DC '63 and DMS '65 who has been a longtime scholarship donor, spoke at the event. He also introduced three scholarship student speakers who shared their backgrounds and career aspirations: Eugene Hsu, a second-year M.D.-M.B.A. student; Rebecca Rotello, a third-year M.D.

student; and James McCarthy, a fourth-year M.D. student.

All three students expressed gratitude to the donors whose gifts have made their studies possible."I have been fortunate to receive substantial financial support to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor, and for that I am grateful," Rotello said. "Without your support, I wouldn't be here."

In closing remarks, Dr. Stephen Spielberg, DMS's dean and the evening's host, underscored the importance of scholarships. He pointed out that "85% of our students receive some sort of financial aid, and scholarships make up roughly 36% of that aid.That's very high for a medical school. Because of your generosity, our graduates are beginning their careers in medicine with a debt considerably less than the national average.

"Thank you for your support," he concluded, then added,"I'm already looking forward to next year's event!"

Horwich Scholar Tim Huang, left, has a chance to talk with Mark and Andrea Horwich, whose generosity to the Herman and Ethel Horwich Scholarship Fund has benefited 166 DMS students over the years.

Dean Stephen Spielberg, left, chats with students Katie Tompkins, Eugene Hsu, and Nishan Kugan

Raising the bar
The financial goal of the Transforming Medicine Campaign for Dartmouth Medical School and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center is to raise $250 million by 2009. Even more far-reaching is its goal of "raising the bar" in medicine. Of questioning assumptions—respecting tradition but not following it blindly. Of erasing boundaries—translating science from the lab bench to the bedside by connecting researchers with clinicians. Of creating solutions to the nation's most critical health-care issues. Of transforming medicine.

Creating scholarships
With the average U.S. medical school debt well over $100,000, there is a growing national consensus that debt is affecting students' decisions of which medical schools to attend and even which medical specialties to pursue. As a result, fewer students are choosing careers in research or certain specialties, in favor of clinical subspecialties that offer greater income potential. Some students are forfeiting their dream of entering medicine altogether, discouraged by the massive financial burden.

Easing the debt load for bright, promising students has long been a priority at DMS and is one of the goals of the Transforming Medicine Campaign. Within the Campaign is a $10-million target for scholarships, to allow DMS to continue to attract qualified students regardless of their financial need.

Learning more
For more about the Transforming Medicine Campaign, visit http://transmed.dartmouth.edu

To see more images, visit the Celebrating our Scholars Photo Gallery.

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Barbra Alan is assistant director of development communications for the Medical School and Medical Center.

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