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Oil on canvas, 40 inches by 40 inches
By Prachie Narain

Prachie Narain, a second-year medical student, has been doing art "for as long as I can remember." Her father, a surgeon, also paints and taught her about color, composition, and technique. This work was inspired by streetlights, windows, and rain. Water is one of her favorite subjects; she is drawn to "its strength, its purity, its calm, its torment, and particularly its reflections and distortions." Narain majored in comparative literature at Princeton and has lived in India, Nepal, England, and the United States. This "has made me very aware of the deep yet subtle similarities and differences between people and cultures. . . . My approach to the canvas, a blending of abstraction, impressionism, and surrealism, allows me to play with both color and culture." Though medical school leaves her less time for art, she still is "always noticing and analyzing small details around me." See for a multimedia with Narain and more of her work.

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