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  • "Seismic Effects"
    By Laura Stephenson Carter

    When a region is hit by a natural disaster, immediate humanitarian relief is important. But so, too, is long-range rebuilding. Three DMS alumni who are seasoned international relief workers share their stories about helping out after the 2004 Asian tsunami—and their advice for the future.

  • "Dancing Words"
    By Jonathan M. Ross, M.D., and Robert S. Foote, M.D.

    "Poetry is to prose as dancing is to walking," English poet John Barrington Wain wrote. Come dance, then, with a pair of physicians on the Dartmouth faculty as they wrap the day-to-day realities of their work in lyrical metaphor.

  • "The Dufek File"
    By Timothy Takaro, M.D.

    The story of the first pacemaker implantation performed behind the Iron Curtain is as suspenseful as any John le Carré novel. But this saga's literary twists and technological turns—from the pen of the DMS graduate who performed the operation—have to do not with espionage, but with surgery. And humanity.

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