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Vital Signs


There's an award or a top-10 list for every achievement imaginable these days. But anyone who's ever sat in rush-hour traffic on the way to work would affirm the validity of the firstever list of "New England's Best Workplaces for Commuters."

The fact that residents of the rural Upper Valley joke about "rush minute" may have something to do with the fact that DHMC made the list. But the award also recognizes the Medical Center's commitment to reducing traffic and air pollution and easing life for commuters. Its programs for employees include subsidized bus transportation, preferential parking for car pools, a car-pool matching program, varied work shifts, and on-site child care.

The average U.S. commuter "is spending more than an entire workweek stuck in traffic each year," notes Patty Klavon of the Environmental Protection Agency, explaining the rationale for the new recognition program. The list was compiled by a coalition of transportation and business organizations. A.S.

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