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Constance Putnam, Ph.D.

Constance Putnam, Ph.D., is a non-fiction writer with wide-ranging experience in journalism; she has also written (and co-authored) books and currently spends most of her time writing on medical history. The biography of Dartmouth Medical School's founder Nathan Smith (Improve, Perfect, and Perpetuate: Dr. Nathan Smith and Early American Medical Education [University Press of New England, 1998], of which she is a co-author, has been called "a good read" by one medical historian and "one of the best medical biographies I have read" by another. She is also the author of a 200-year history of Dartmouth Medical School, titled "The Science We Have Loved and Taught", commissioned in the mid-1990s as part of the celebration of DMS's bicentennial. The saga of DMS in the 1960s, arguably the most turbulent time in the School's history, is condensed in one chapter of the book. With interests that encompass far more than medical history, she has published a sizable body of work in other fields of history as well as on issues pertaining to social justice. Included are articles on architectural history, medical ethics, death and dying, community service, capital punishment, and the challenges of providing adequate low-income housing in the United States and abroad. She is a native New Englander, having been born and raised in New Hampshire; for the past two decades and more she has lived in Massachusetts, in a house where she and her husband pursue their independent and joint writing projects in back-to-back studies.

Constance E. Putnam
111 Hayward Mill Road
Concord MA 01742-3919

Fax/Phone: 978-369-0127

E-mail: cputconcord@hotmail.com

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