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  • Vol. 25, No. 2 Winter 2000

Table of Contents and Masthead (PDF) 469 KB

Editor's Note by Dana Cook Grossman, and Staff List      (HTML) (PDF) 414 KB


Desperately Seeking Sound Bites      (HTML) (PDF) 708 KB
By Laura Stephenson Carter

The mainstream media—print and broadcast—is a major source of health information. How do physicians and researchers communicate their work to the public? And what can readers expect from the popular press's coverage of medicine and science?

Unforgiving Forests      (HTML) (PDF) 828 KB
By John Morton

In 1959, two members of the DMS faculty set out in a small plane on a medical mission to northern New Hampshire. They never returned. Four decades later, the impact of their death in the North Country's unforgiving forests still resonates through Dartmouth and the region's wilderness rescue community.

A Balancing ACT(G)      (HTML) (PDF)
By James Wright

The four simple nucleotides— adenine, cytosine, thymine, and guanine—that make up DNA conceal a world of complexity. Both academe and society will have to deal with that complexity, maintains Dartmouth College's president.

End of an Era      (HTML) (PDF) 752 KB
By Jonathan Weisberg

S. Marsh Tenney, who was charged by the Dartmouth Trustees with revitalizing DMS in 1956, died in October at the age of 78. Had his "refounding" of the institution not been such a success, DMS would probably not exist today, and DHMC would be a very different place.


Vital Signs      (HTML) (PDF) 784 KB (Continued PDF) 480 KB

The news this issue runs the gamut from A (for arsenic, a multidisciplinary project investigating its health effects) to Z (for Zubkoff, the chair of the D MS department with the highest grant total in FY2000).

Letters      (HTML) (PDF) 436 KB

Viewpoint      (HTML) (PDF) 456 KB
By Patsy Garlan

Bench to Bedside (HTML) (PDF) 456 KB
By Arnold M. Katz, M.D.

Development      (HTML) (PDF) 1 MB

"A margin of excellence"
Sandy Adams

Faculty Focus      (HTML) (PDF) 568 KB (Continued PDF) 480 KB
Daniel Levin

Alumni Album      (HTML) (PDF) 580 KB (Continued PDF) 480 KB
Katharine Phillips '87: Shedding light on BDD

Student Perspective      (HTML) (PDF) 444 KB
By Paul Yang (email)

From the Dean (HTML) (PDF) 444 KB (PDF page 2) 432 KB
By John C. Baldwin, M.D.

COVER      (JPG) (PDF) 280 KB

Doctors and researchers today are often called upon to explain their work in the popular press. What happens when the sound-bite mentality meets the complexity of science? The cover illustration is by Douglas and Susan Harp of Hanover. The associated feature starts on page 20.
Douglas and Susan Harp's website

Dartmouth Medicine seeks to convey the breadth and depth of the education, research, and patient-care activities of DMS and DHMC; to serve as a publication of historical record; to stimulate thought and discussion on issues in medicine and medical education; and to reflect the range of opinions and activities among Dartmouth medical students, faculty, and alumni. Among abbreviations used regularly in these pages are DMS (Dartmouth Medical School), DHMC (Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center), MHMH (Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital), DC (Dartmouth College), and HS (housestaff). The opinions of contributors do not necessarily reflect those of DMS or DHMC.

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