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  • "Part of the Process"
    By Jennifer Durgin

    Historically, medical students have been taught how to work within the constraints of the current health-care system. But for medical students at Dartmouth, learning the hows (and whys) of improving the processes of care is now part of the required curriculum.

  • "Years of Change & Suffering"
    By James M. Schmidt

    This April marked the sesquicentennial of the start of the Civil War. Here's a look back at those four bloody years—at how they altered the practice of medicine and at contributions made by soldiers and doctors from the Granite State and from Dartmouth.

  • "On the Record"
    By Amos Esty

    Dartmouth-Hitchcock is one of a very small number of health systems to have adopted a comprehensive electronic health record. In every single clinical unit. In a changeover that happened in just one day. Here's how that gargantuan task was accomplished.

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