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  • "The Road to Reform"
    With U.S. health-care costs at $2.4 trillion and rising, there is unprecedented urgency to the national debate about reforming the health-care system. Previous efforts to fix the country's current model have foundered on its complexity, but this time what's widely referred to as "the Dartmouth research" may make a difference. Here are perspectives first from a current leader of that research, and then from a slate of alumni-clinicians in various specialties from all across the country.

  • "Hardy Stock"
    By Jennifer Durgin

    Aging well is often cast in physical terms—as an absence of disease or disability. But the psychological aspects of aging can be just as important, as two profiles reveal. That's a message that Dartmouth's one-year-old Centers for Health and Aging is helping to spread.

  • "The Rest of the Story . . ."
    The 1982 Hitchcock annual report told a tale involving a toddler, a swimming pool, a near-drowning, and the specialists who restored the little boy to health. Now, more than 25 years later, one of his doctors reveals a crucial but unheralded role played by a crusty colleague.

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