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A Magazine for Alumni and Friends of Dartmouth Medical School and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Vol. 29, No. 4 Summer 2005


Are We Hunting Too Hard?
By Jennifer Durgin

"Get screened!" "Find it early!" When it comes to cancer, these dictums are considered self-evident. But what if getting screened and finding cancer ever-earlier does not save lives? What if too much probing does more harm than good? Several DMS physicians have asked provocative questions like these for more than a decade.

Sanguine Manner
By Laura Stephenson Carter

A better understanding of the process by which the body grows new blood vessels—known as angiogenesis—holds promise for treating a broad range of diseases. Dartmouth's multidisciplinary angiogenesis research group is optimistic about the future of the field. And the team has fun working together in the meantime.

The Last Dance
By Ann McLane Kuster

A prominent New Hampshire family faces Alzheimer's disease in a very public way, deciding that love, laughter, and painful honesty are the best antidote to the agony of loss. Here are some of the lessons they learned along the way.

COVER (jpg) (pdf)

Silhoutted on the cover of this issue if radiologist Bill Black—part of a nationally celebrated, but also criticized, group of contrarians. See here for the inside story on their work. The photo is by Jon Gilbert Fox.

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Summer 2005

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