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Vital Signs:
That Championship Season

Last fall, first-year M.D. student Scott Tobis admitted to his classmates that while growing up, he "dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player-when I was 12, I was a member of the Little League World Series championship team, which turned out to be the pinnacle of my baseball career."


But near the end of his first year in medical school, Tobis has had a chance to once again sparkle on the diamond, as a member of the DMS first-year softball team. "I never thought there would be so much baseball talent among a group of medical students," he says of his current teammates. "Of course, the best part of playing is that there are more than 10 medical students in the same place doing something other than studying. The games provide a muchneeded mental rest from school."

Tobis also takes a break from the books when any of his Little League teammates who now play pro ball (such as the Padres' Sean Burroughs) appear on TV. "It's impressive to watch them play against stars like Barry Bonds," says Tobis. But "though my DMS team may never play in Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium, my classmates have really impressed me so far."


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