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New on the bookshelf: Recent releases by DMS faculty authors

Controversies & Conversations in Cutaneous Laser Surgery. Edited by Kenneth Arndt, M.D., and Jeffrey Dover, M.D., both adjunct professors of medicine at DMS; American Medical Association Press; 2002. This book examines new laser techniques and provides guidance on using lasers in a variety of clinical situat ions. It includes details about laser resurfacing; photorejuvenation; treatment of vascular anomalies, leg veins, psoriasis, and scars; skin cooling; and novel approaches to skin rejuvenation.

Manual of Dermatologic Therapeutics. By Kenneth Arndt, M.D., an adjunct professor of medicine at DMS; and Kathryn Bowers, M.D.; Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2002. The revised edition of this manual provides information on the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and therapy of a variety of common skin disorders. It includes definitions and descriptions of each condition and discusses symptoms, clinical findings, assessments, and potential therapeutic interventions, including medications.

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