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From the editor

A new look for Dartmouth Medicine

By Amos Esty

Last summer, we asked a sample of our readers for their thoughts on Dartmouth Medicine. Over the past several months, we have used those responses to help redesign the appearance of the magazine and rethink the types of stories included in each issue. Given the diversity of our audience, there was a surprising level of agreement on a number of issues. For example, alumni strongly supported integrating class notes into Dartmouth Medicine. So starting with this issue, those of you who previously received Alumni News & Notes as a separate publication will now receive a version of Dartmouth Medicine that includes class notes and other alumni news in the spring and winter issues. All other readers will continue to receive Dartmouth Medicine without the additional alumni pages.

Although the stories included in this issue will not seem out of place to regular readers, we have revised the organization of the magazine and the lineup of departments, starting with the introduction on the following page of a new section, "Headlines," which briefly covers some of the important news from the medical school over the past several months. Other changes made to the magazine range from the obvious (such as the redesigned "Dartmouth Medicine" logo on the cover) to the subtle (such as the slight change in the weight of the paper). But some things, I hope, will not change. The survey revealed that readers have a great deal of trust in the magazine: 92 percent consider it a "very credible" or "credible" source of information about the medical school. Our goal is to continue to merit your trust.

One final message of the survey is that our readers value Dartmouth Medicine and have strong opinions about its place in the medical school community. I hope you will share your opinion of the changes to the magazine and of the stories that appear in this issue by writing to us.

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