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  • "Moore and more"
    By Amos Esty

    Computational geneticist Jason Moore believes that more is needed to parse the human genome than simply more data. He has devised new ways to visualize genetic patterns. He built a supercomputer to crunch statistics faster. And he tweets and blogs regularly about his work.

  • "Working Wonders"
    By Jennifer Durgin

    Finding a steady job used to be a pipe dream for those with severe mental illness. But now, thanks to a model pioneered at Dartmouth, such individuals are not only finding employment, but also finding that the satisfaction of working lessens their psychiatric symptoms.

  • "Direct Impact"
    In ways large and small, philanthropy has a direct impact on academic medicine. A recently completed fund-raising campaign is having many salutary effects.

  • "Through the Clouds"
    The emotions involved in medicine are as gripping and poignant as those of any profession. Four individuals with ties to Dartmouth share poems they've written about especially moving events.

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