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C. P. Snow and the 1960 Dartmouth Convocation on Great Issues of Conscience in Modern Medicine

Science tells us what we can do—never what we should do," said Dr. S. Marsh Tenney, then the dean of Dartmouth Medical School, in 1960. Tenney was speaking at the Dartmouth Convocation on Great Issues of Conscience in Modern Medicine, a three-day conference held that year in September. Among the illustrious speakers at the event was C. P. Snow, the writer and scientist, who a year earlier had lamented the divide between the sciences and the humanities in his famous speech, "The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution." Snow's words—those of both his 1959 speech and his speech at Dartmouth—inspired the Editor's Note in the Spring 2010 issue of Dartmouth Medicine. Available below are the text of Snow's 1960 speech and of all the speeches given as part of the conference.

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