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Vital Signs

Facts & Figures - A care-ful analysis

The Dartmouth College Health Service is open not only to undergraduates, but also to all graduate students and their dependents. It is housed in a homey brick building known as Dick's House, named in memory of Dick Hall, a DC 1927, who died of polio during his sophomore year.

Outpatient visits in 2006-07 to the infirmary

Inpatient admissions in 2006-07 to the infirmary

Number of inpatient beds in the infirmary

After-hours walk-in visits in 2006-07

After-hours phone calls and e-mails in 2006-07

Immunizations administered in 2006-07

Prescriptions filled in 2006-07

X-rays performed in 2006-07

Year Dartmouth was highlighted in the New York Times as one of a very small (and declining) number of college infirmaries that still offer 24-hour and inpatient services

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