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Perhaps a committee made up of patients and a cross-section of staff could take on the task of researching what's been done in the past as well as whether there currently a dress code for nurses at other medical centers, and then recommending and even designing a new look. If such a committee is ever convened, I'd love to see it include Margaret Spicer, a longtime professor of theater at Dartmouth who is about to retire as head costume designer.

George Hathorn
Hanover, N.H.

As it happens, Dartmouth Medicine could give such a committee a leg up on researching "Changing Fashions in Nursing Garb"—that's the title of a sidebar to a feature in our Fall 2005 issue about the history of the now defunct Mary Hitchcock School of Nursing—an article that is, coincidentally, the subject of the next letter.

Tunnel vision
I just read the article in your Fall 2005 issue on the Mary Hitchcock School of Nursing. What a treat. I am a proud 1972 grad of the Hitchcock nursing school. My days in Hanover are some of my happiest memories. I was disappointed, though, that there was no mention in the article of the tunnel system that linked the nursing dorms to the hospital.

I'd love the contact information for the nursing school alumni group. I lost all my yearbooks during a move years ago and have lost touch with virtually all of my classmates. (They knew me as Sydney Ward; Sydney was a nickname I was given at MHMH—that's a story in itself, as is how I finished my last clinical rotation in a walking cast! Oh, what memories!)

Thank you again for a great read. I was excited to find this article. I plan to share it with my husband, which will get me telling stories—including about those tunnels . . .

Mary Ellen Ward Osler
Stamford, Conn.

The treasurer of the alumni association for the MHMH School of Nursing is Peter Nolette, today a wound-care nurse at DHMC. He can be reached at PeterRN@Comcast.net.

Reader falls for Fall
I would very much like to receive a copy of the Fall 2007 Dartmouth Medicine.

Be sure to tell us when you move! If your address changes and you want to keep getting Dartmouth Medicine, just tear off the address panel from the back of a recent issue, write your new address next to the old one, and mail it to: Dartmouth Medicine, 1 Medical Center Drive (HB 7070), Lebanon, NH 03756. It helps us greatly— since our mailing list is drawn from six separate databases—if you send the actual cover or a copy of it. If that's not possible, please include both your old and new addresses. Note, too, that if you receive more than one copy of the magazine, it's because of those six databases (which are in different formats, so they can't be automatically "de-duped"). We're happy to eliminate duplications, but it's a help to have the address panel on all the copies you get, not just the one(s) you'd like deleted.

There was an excellent story on Tim Shafer of Townshend, Vt.; he's very well known in this area. In addition, that issue had an article on Elijah Stommel, with whom my late husband had a great relationship while Dr. Stommel was treating him for myasthenia gravis; he, too, is a very caring doctor.

Joan Lake
Grafton, Vt.

If we have extras of back issues, which we often do, we're happy to send out a copy; feel free to ask. We also have 10 years of back issues on our website—just go to our Past Issues.

Sharing the word
I just finished reading in your Fall 2007 issue the comprehensive and well-written article by Maggie Mahar titled "Making Choice an Option". She described the concept and process of shared decision-making so clearly that I'm sure other readers will pass the word along, as I have.

My husband and I were impressed with the process when he was considering treatment for spinal stenosis. The videos

and books we were given clearly outlined the options and their risks versus (hoped for) benefits. I am a health-care professional, but my husband is not; even so, he was able to integrate the information and have an informed discussion with his medical team.

I read your publication whenever we visit DHMC. However, our health is progressing well enough that we don't need to go there as often. Therefore, I would like to be added to your mailing list so I won't miss even a single issue.

Many thanks to DHMC for the great care it provides. And thanks, too, for the wonderful way you communicate it in Dartmouth Medicine!

Judith Plumley
Northfield, Vt.

Hip, hip, hooray for DHMC!
I have had two hip surgeries at Dartmouth in the last six months. I was so pleased with the kindness, caring, and professionalism I experienced in all of my visits and phone calls with the professionals there. I cannot say enough good about your hospital.

Please add me to the mailing list for Dartmouth Medicine. I find it a very interesting and informative publication.

Janet Smith
Charlotte, Vt.

Information, please
Dartmouth Medicine is a wonderful publication. I have been privileged to be able to read a friend's copy for several years. The articles and information in the magazine are so interesting, and I find the life stories that people share just wonderful. My friend has now moved away. So please, if you would, add my name to your subscription list as soon as possible. Thanks again for such a wonderful and educational publication.

C.D. Burton
Wilmington, N.C.

Back on the list again?
Your magazine is great reading and very informative. I used to receive it, but my address changed and I'm afraid I neglected to notify you of my new one.

I'm sure I'll learn better memory skills by being a subscriber again! Please, would you put me back on your mailing list?

Janet Barry
Springfield, Vt.

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