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Transforming Medicine Campaign

company that invests in the biotech industry.

"I still enjoy science. I like being involved in new areas of research where on day one you don't necessarily know what the application is, but you just have a feel that this is an area that's worth spending some money and time on," says Gillis. "ARCH believes in basic science, and that from good basic science, breakthrough science, come breakthrough products. There are no shortcuts."

Reflecting on his gift, Gillis says, "I've always had a fondness for Dartmouth and for the freedom and support that I was given during my time there to follow my nose and let the results take me wherever they may. I view it as a privilege that Anne and I are in a position to give something back to the greater Dartmouth community in honor of Ross. . . . Loyalty is important in life, and Ross has been loyal to Dartmouth, and that's worth celebrating."

Helping kids fight cancer
The Scott M. and Lisa G. Stuart Professorship in Pediatric Oncology will further strengthen the resources available to children with cancer and their families at NCCC and the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth. "By enabling us to recruit a leading physicianscientist who will advance our research and teaching as well as the care of these vulnerable patients, this gift will be instrumental in the growth and development of our pediatric cancer program," says Israel. "The impact of this gift cannot be overstated."

This gift is not the Stuarts' first in support of children with cancer. When hurricane Katrina hit Scott Stuart's hometown of New Orleans in 2005, the Stuarts established a fund to ensure that young cancer patients evacuated to Houston continued to receive essential treatments. "Kids with cancer were showing up at Baylor without medical records, without insurance documents, without parents, but needing treatment immediately. It was grim," says Scott Stuart, who with Lisa and their four children now live in Greenwich, Conn." We raised close to a million dollars and sent it straight to Houston."

Scott Stuart, DC '81, and his wife, Lisa, have made a gift that will establish an endowed chair in pediatric oncology at DMS.

Steve Gillis, who earned his Ph.D. at Dartmouth in 1978, and his wife, Anne, made the lead gift to establish a second cancer-related chair—this one in honor of longtime Cancer Center director Ross McIntyre.

The Stuarts made their commitment to endow a chair in pediatric oncology in honor of Scott Stuart's 25th Dartmouth College Class of 1981 reunion. But Lisa Stuart, a UC Berkeley graduate who now jokes about having been rejected by Dartmouth,made sure they designated their reunion gift to "something that speaks to my heart. . . . Kids fighting cancer," she explains,"are working so hard and enduring brutal treatments.They deserve all the supports possible."

Raising the bar
The financial goal of the Transforming Medicine Campaign for Dartmouth Medical School and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center is to raise $250 million by 2009. Even more far-reaching is its goal of "raising the bar" in medicine. Of questioning assumptions—respecting tradition but not following it blindly. Of erasing boundaries—translating science from the lab bench to the bedside by connecting researchers with clinicians. Of creating solutions to the nation's most critical health-care issues. Of transforming medicine.

Highlights of 2007
More than 28,000 donors made 2007 a record-breaking year for the Transforming Medicine Campaign. Gift commitments from friends, patients, alumni, faculty, and staff topped $63 million for the year, bringing the Campaign total to $195 million. The year was marked by a $20-million gift commitment from Dr. Peter Williamson and his wife, Susan—the largest gift ever to Dartmouth Medical School—embracing the vision of the future Koop Medical Science Complex as a place where discovery and collaboration will accelerate medical advances. Other lead commitments during 2007 are building endowment reserves, strengthening care of the mentally ill and victims of child abuse, and supporting cancer research. At the same time, strong participation in the annual funds provided important unrestricted monies for DMS and DHMC.

Learning more
For more about the Transforming Medicine Campaign, visit http://transmed.dartmouth.edu

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Kate Villars is assistant director of development communications for DMS-DHMC.

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