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New on the bookshelf: Recent releases by DMS faculty authors

Homology Effects. Edited by Jay C. Dunlap, Ph.D., professor of genetics at DMS; and C.-ting Wu, Ph.D.; Academic Press; 2002. This volume in the Advances in Genetics series, with contributions from a number of geneticists, explores the effects and impact of homology through observations of prokaryotes, fungi, nematodes, plants, insects, and mammals. It includes chapters on RNA-mediated gene silencing and the sensing and telecasting of the presence of homology.

Managing Pain Before it Manages You. By Margaret A. Caudill, M.D., Ph.D., adjunct associate professor of anesthesiology at DMS; Guilford Press; 2002. The revised edition of this practical guide discusses the skills needed to function and cope with chronic pain, as well as with diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Topics covered in the book include drug recommendations for pain, maintaining an active lifestyle, anger management, nutrition, alternative medicines, and effective dialogue between pain sufferers and health-care professionals.

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