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Fund for Geisel reaches new record

Geisel physician-faculty members, like thoracic oncologist Konstantin Dragnev (right), are deeply committed to teaching. Here, Dragnev and Geisel student Inyang Udo-Inyang ('16) discuss the staging of nonsmall cell lung cancer. "He is an awesome mentor," says Udo-Inyang of Dragnev.

The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth is grateful for the annual support of our alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends. Because of your generosity, the Fund for the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth set a new record during fiscal year 2013 (July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013). With contributions from 1,137 donors, the Fund reached $878,849—a 17.7% increase from 2012. MD alumni participation reached 31%, with 1,050 alumni making gifts to the Fund. These gifts provide unrestricted monies that the School uses to support student programs, faculty initiatives, facilities maintenance, and special projects.

Through the extraordinary support of over 1,700 individuals, corporations, foundations, and other organizations, Geisel received a total of $16.04 million in donations during fiscal year 2013. This philanthropic funding is critical to maintaining the excellence of our education and research programs.

Thank you for providing the resources necessary to expand and enrich our work in educating today's students and advancing medical knowledge.

Donors speak

Why donate to the Fund for the Geisel School of Medicine? Alumni and faculty speak about the enduring impact of the School of Medicine on their lives and the satisfaction of giving to support today's students.

Bonnie Henderson ('93)
Member, Board of Overseers
"Every week I think of something that a medical school professor taught me. Twenty years later, I still remember particular parasites and the anatomy of the foot because of the phenomenal teaching at this school. A lot of what defines us as physicians is the role we play in helping patients, humanity, and the world become a better place. That role was instilled in us at our medical school. Our donations allow this legacy to continue for future students."

Brian Catlin ('64)
Associate Professor of Anatomy
"I came to Hanover and Dartmouth Medical School as a student in 1962 and fell in love with both. Eighteen years ago, I returned to teach in the anatomy department. It is a privilege to instruct and mentor the amazing first-year students who are attracted to this special school. I derive great satisfaction from supporting the school in this manner as well as financially. Know you will be rewarded by any support you can generously provide to the Fund for Geisel School of Medicine."

DeRayne Boykins ('87)
Sustaining Donor Circle Member
"At graduation, I might have been voted the doctor least likely to support the alumni fund. I didn't realize the value of my DMS experience until I completed residency. I give to help repay the generosity that was once shown to me and because I want future doctors to have an experience even better than mine. I encourage all alumni to support the Fund. I'm signed up for monthly giving so I don't have to remember to give each fiscal year."

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