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  • "Moving Back Care Forward"
    By Amos Esty

    There are a number of options when it comes to dealing with chronic back pain, but all of them come with caveats and qualifications. So at the Dartmouth Spine Center, information is an essential part of the prescription.

  • "Once Upon a Time"
    By Alissa Poh

    To today's students, the DMS of the past probably seems as unbelievable as a fairy tale: A place with no women students or faculty. But that time wasn't so very long ago.

  • "9/11 + 10"
    By Jennifer Durgin

    The impact of 9/11, even 10 years on, still resonates throughout the U.S. To mark the anniversary, a member of the DMS faculty, who in 2001 was the commander of the Pentagon's medical clinic, reflects on the day's events.

  • "At Home"
    By William B. Toms, M.D.

    For over 40 years, family physician Bill Toms has processed the emotions of medicine by writing "short stories in verse." He shares here some insight into his relationship with a patient with whom he's always felt at home.

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