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Along for the ride

The Art of Medicine work featured in this issue of Dartmouth Medicine is by Susan Whelihan. She is a program manager with the Friends of Dartmouth's Norris Cotton Cancer Center, whose major fund-raiser is an annual biking, walking, and rowing event called the Prouty. Whelihan was trained as a graphic designer, and her work is evident in much of the Prouty paraphernalia, including the 2011 t-shirt design.

She also does art on her own time. To read about her execution of a pique assiette mosaic titled The Prouty, see the Fall 2011 Art of Medicine section. To see more of her work, click here. In addition, a selection of Whelihan's work will be exhibited at Dartmouth Medical School's Dana Biomedical Library during the fall of 2011; once the details are available, they will be posted here. And click below to read more about Whelihan's approach to her art and to see a list of places where her work has been exhibited.

But just what is "the Prouty"? Well, by the numbers, it's nearly 5,000 bike-riders, walkers, and rowers; courses ranging from 5K (for the walkers) to 200 miles (for the "ultimate" bikers); over 1,000 volunteers; some 160 businesses and countless individuals who give to the cause; and a total of $2.48 million raised for cancer care research at Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

But the numbers only begin to tell the story of the Prouty. Click below for a slide gallery of images from the 2011 event, on July 9--starting at 5:00 a.m. when the first "century" bikers head out and continuing through the gala festivities as all the participants converge back at the finish.

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