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DMS and the medical school Match

W. Hardy Hendren, his wife, Eleanor, and their two-year old daughter Sandy in the early 1950s.

Every March, fourth-year medical students find out where they will spend their residency. The process of matching medical students to residency programs—"the Match"—has changed a lot since the days of paper applications, and members of the DMS community have helped make those changes. The current system for making matches was created in the early 1950s. A DMS alum, W. Hardy Hendren, DMS '50, played a key role by leading a student movement to shape the way the Match was structured. And in the 1990s, Dr. Andrew Wallace, then the dean of DMS, chaired a committee that oversaw the switch to the use of the web to streamline the Match process. These recollections of DMS's role in the Match were prompted by a letter in the Fall 2010 issue of the magazine. That letter, in turn, was inspired by the Summer 2010 Student Notebook essay, written by a medical student who had just experienced the Match herself. Read all of the related content from the pages of Dartmouth Medicine below:

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