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  • "Medicine in the Mountains"
    By Rosalie Hughes and Katherine Kosman

    The people of the Himalayas live amid the world's highest peaks but suffer some of its lowest health indicators. Two young women with Dartmouth ties—a recent graduate of Dartmouth College and a current student at Dartmouth Medical School—recently traveled with health-care teams to remote villages there.

  • "Clock-wise"
    By Amos Esty

    A pair of Dartmouth Medical School researchers has become increasingly wise to the ways of the circadian clocks that control the daily routines of virtually every organism on Earth—from human beings to the simple fungus that they study.

  • "Pondering Personhood"
    By Robert Martensen, M.D.

    Two comatose teenage boys, 20 years and 200 miles apart, lead a noted ethicist and medical historian to ponder the nature of personhood—the nuances of determining if and when death is inevitable. This feature is excerpted from a new book by a DMS alumnus.

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