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  • "Sound & Silence"
    By Jennifer Durgin

    The emotion of learning that your baby was born profoundly deaf. The challenge of learning sign language so you can communicate with her. The angst of deciding whether or not to have a device to help her hear implanted in her head. A Dartmouth Medicine staff member shares the twists and turns in an unexpected parental journey.

  • "Stroke"
    By Chin Woon Ping

    When an English professor suffers a stroke, someone who personifies facility with language is rendered unable to communicate. But after her skill with words returns, she has a compelling story to tell. Here—in the form of a play—she shares what it feels like to have your brain held hostage.

  • "Lessons in Dying Well"
    By Deborah Lee Luskin

    Most physicians have far more experience with death than the average person does. Even so, when they experience the death of a parent, it shakes them personally and affects them professionally. Four physicians with Dartmouth ties share final lessons learned from a parent—how best to care for someone at the end of life.

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