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Opening Doors : A Veil Lifted

Above left, these MUCHS students are taking an exam in a classroom that looks very similar to those at DMS. Above right, an ophthalmologist on the MUCHS faculty is giving a lecture on glaucoma to a group of residents from the MUCHS-affiliated hospital. The ophthalmology department was in the process of moving to new quarters, so this storeroom was serving as a makeshift classroom.

Above is pediatric grand rounds, with a difference. At MUCHS, patients are present at grand rounds presentations. A mother and her baby sit up front (at the far left) while the physicians discuss the baby's symptoms, pass around xrays, consider the differential diagnosis, and recommend a treatment plan. Students ask questions, and faculty offer input. At left, Dr. Helga Naburi (in beige), director of the DarDar pediatric clinic, chats with some students after grand rounds.

Dr. Muhammad Bakari, director of the DarDar study, is pictured at left in his clinic, after attending to patients. Above is a local hospital not affiliated with MUCHS. There are lots of private hospitals in the city, many of them owned by doctors.

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Photojournalist P.J. Saine's work has appeared many times in these pages—most recently in a Fall 2005 feature that followed a DHMC resident for 24 hours. Saine was the manager of ophthalmic photography at DHMC from 1997 through January of 2006 and now works as a freelance photographer in Virginia. The photos in this feature were taken in March of 2006; pictures of patients were taken only with their permission. The introductory text on these two pages and the captions on the following pages were written by Laura Carter, the associate editor of Dartmouth Medicine. The personal account starting on the next page was written by Cara Mathews, a DMS '05. Some of the quotations in the captions were collected in interviews that Carter conducted and some were drawn from a video that was produced by Daniel Kaser, a second-year DMS student who interviewed a number of people at the DarDar Clinic in 2005. For more on Kaser's experiences, see the "Student Notebook" essay. The DarDar Project falls under a larger Dartmouth program called the Global Health Initiative, whose many partners include Dartmouth's John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding.

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