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studying. Another half an hour zipped by.

Henry was a star—an ambassador for diversity and a role model whom these children of rural Vermont will long remember and whose lessons the Westshire faculty will surely treasure.

James R. Hughes, M.D.
West Fairlee, Vt.

Affecting recollections
I recently came across an article on Dr. Richard Reindollar in your Summer 2005 issue. [The article reported Reindollar's appointment as the chair of obstetrics and gynecology at DHMC.]

I was a patient of Dr. Reindollar's 18 years ago. I had experienced several miscarriages over the period of a few years. Being from a rural area in Maine, I had difficulty in finding a physician who could offer me the most current testing and treatments. I probably suffered the emotional trauma of repeated miscarriages longer than I had to.

I came upon Dr. Reindollar's name in an article he had written and called his office in Boston in desperation. To my surprise, I was able to set up an appointment to see him. I ended up having to make several trips to Boston, a five-hour drive, for the testing and treatment that he recommended. Dr. Reindollar treated me with kindness and skill and worked closely with my local ob-gyn.

As we planned the timing of my next pregnancy, Dr. Reindollar encouraged me by phone as I took the risk to go ahead with another attempt at pregnancy. All along, he kept close contact with me, always returning my phone calls. His knowledge and care enabled me to bring a wonderful, healthy son into the world. Samuel is now 17 years old and a joy in our lives.

Some time later, another young woman in my town told me about her own struggles to become pregnant and the testing and treatments that she was receiving from her local ob-gyn. I was concerned because I had done much reading on

Above, this Hitchcock nursing class has inspired another letter. Below, a reader loved this painting in our Summer "Art of Medicine" section.

infertility and it didn't seem she was getting up-to-date care. I suggested that she try to see Dr. Reindollar, which she did. Dr. Reindollar discovered that she had cancer and recommended a complete hysterectomy. Later, she wrote me a note to thank me for leading her to Dr. Reindollar—who may have saved her life with timely treatment. Happily, this family eventually adopted a healthy baby boy.

I will never forget Dr. Reindollar and his skilled, kind care. I know mine must be just one of the many, many lives that he has deeply affected.

Sarah Wilson
Southwest Harbor, Maine

Nursing a laugh
I've been meaning to send you a note to tell you a funny story. In your Winter 2005 issue, in the "Letters" section, there was a picture of a Hitchcock nursing school class with some letters from graduates of several different classes who all claimed it as their class. [The photo is reproduced above.]

It made me laugh because as I looked at

the picture, I was sure I could see myself and some of my classmates in the picture. Of course I knew it wasn't myself or my classmates, because I graduated from All Souls School of Nursing in Morristown, N.J. (the school closed after our graduation in April 1970). But I can see why so many Hitchcock nurses of the same era claimed the picture—we all looked alike then!

In April 2006, I attended my nursing school reunion. I actually brought your magazine with me, and all of my classmates who attended immediately thought it was our class, too. We all had a good laugh. I promised my classmates I'd send you this note.

Gloria Del Grosso
Moorestown, N.J.

Painting piques interest
I really liked the painting by Dr. Lloyd Kasper in "Art of Medicine" in your Summer issue. Where can I see more of his art? And is this painting for sale?

Jan Wesson
New London, N.H.

More of Kasper's work was featured in one of our Summer issue Web Extras. The works in "Art of Medicine" are sometimes available for purchase through the artist. Our web edition often has artists' contact information. Kasper's is here.

Evermore a subscriber
I would like to join the subscriber list for Dartmouth Medicine. Every time I pick up a copy, I am impressed all over again with its good stories, useful information, and heart.

I received the magazine regularly when I worked as director of student disabilities services for Dartmouth College for 24 years, and I find I have missed it since my retirement last year. I was especially moved by "Evermore," Nancy Price Graff's account of her struggle with chronic depression [in the Fall 2005 issue].

Nancy Pompian
Hanover, N.H.

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