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kick out of the picture of him with his long wooden skis [the photo is reproduced below, on the right]. I remember him and, of course, the twins' father, Dartmouth College Dean "Pudge" Neidlinger. I even thought I recognized the students in the picture of the dean's office [below, on the left] as a pair of Phi Delts—Dick Peebles and friend.

I hope you'll permit me to share a recollection of Dean Neidlinger. Anyone from that era remembers where they were on Sunday afternoon, December 7, 1941, when news of the attack on Pearl Harbor came over the radio. The effect on the Dartmouth community was immediate and extreme. Students by the carful and trainload left Hanover. The campus seemed (was) deserted. Some who remained had their thinking screwed up. Bizarre activities, such as trashing fraternity houses, surfaced.

When word of such an outbreak at the Deke house was received by Dean Neidlinger (who was himself a Deke), he went right down there and forcefully evicted the miscreants. He grabbed them by their scruffs and tossed them, flying, out the front door, according to people familiar with the episode.

One more recollection: The bindings on Malcolm McLane's skis are Kandahars (I think)—a state-of-the-art improvement over the bear-trap bindings with which my hickory-ridge skis (with steel edges) were equipped. When I arrived at Dartmouth, Brooklyn-born and -bred, I'd never been on skis. I was outfitted with ski equipment by John Piane himself, founder of the Dartmouth Co-op. Insurance on the skis was one dollar. It came in handy when one ski "broke" (thank you, bear-traps) in a tumble barely halfway from the Phi Delt back porch to the golf course. Skiing was hard work, especially for a neophyte. But the rope tow up Mount Mansfield beat climbing.

Anyway, many thanks for prompting the memories.

Henry F. Kramer, Jr., M.D.
DC '42, DMS '43
Holden, Mass.

A new twist on the Dartmouth "family"
As the father of a daughter who is about to graduate from Dartmouth Medical

Be sure to tell us when you move! If your address changes and you want to keep getting Dartmouth Medicine, just tear off the address panel from the back of a recent issue, write your new address next to the old one, and mail it to: Dartmouth Medicine, 1 Medical Center Drive (HB 7070), Lebanon, NH 03756. It helps us greatly—since our mailing list is drawn from six separate databases—if you send the actual cover or a copy of it. If that's not possible, please include both your old and new addresses. Note, too, that if you receive more than one copy of the magazine, it's because of those six databases (which are in different formats, so they can't be automatically "de-duped"). We're happy to eliminate duplications, but it's a help to have the address panel on all the copies you get, not just the one(s) you'd like deleted.

School, I have greatly appreciated receiving your magazine for the past four years.

I thought I would share a (very) minor tidbit related to her graduation. Both my daughter, Jaime Walford, and her cousin, Geoffrey Walford, will be receiving their M.D. degrees from DMS. It seems unlikely that cousins would commonly graduate together. We are having our

These two photographs in our Spring issue sent an alumnus down memory lane.

annual family reunion based around the June 11 graduation of these two suddenly prominent members of our clan. Geoffrey is going to Harvard and Jaime to Northwestern for residency.

Again, thanks for your great work. It has been very nice to feel in touch with the Hanover community from so far away.

Donald Walford
Boulder, Colo.

See here for a Walford family portrait captured during DMS's Class Day.

Exclamation about a periodical
Thank you for the wonderful and high-caliber medical reporting in your publication—Dartmouth Medicine is one of my favorite periodicals. Each issue is even better than the one before, and I read it all!

As a retired member of the cytopathology department, I am especially interested in word about new medical developments.

Jeanne Gilmore
Concord, N.H.

Southern comfort
Dartmouth Medicine magazine is one of the best publications that I have ever read. I am moving from Vermont to Florida and would love to continue receiving it. If you can change my address in time that I may receive the Fall issue in Florida, I would be most grateful. Thank you.

George A. Burrows
South Reading, Vt.

We're happy to keep Dartmouth Medicine coming when readers move—but be sure to let us know your new address, because the magazine comes by bulk mail and so is not forwardable.

Yes, Virginia, there is a DMS
I recently received a copy of your publication and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. As an undergraduate in the University of Virginia's School of Engineering and Applied Science, I would be very grateful if you could add me to the subscription list so that I may continue to read this delightful magazine.

Thank you!

Arash R. Zandieh
Herndon, Va.

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