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24 Hours On Call

MON 8:03PM After dinner, Ryder headed right back upstairs. She is now in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), writing up orders for a patient who is about to be transferred from the PACU to her unit on One East. "This is a patient who'd had a big heart attack," explains Ryder. "He'd been too surgically unstable to go to cardiac catheterization, so they had just stabilized him and I was taking care of him overnight to prepare him for the catheterization in the morning."

MON 9:15PM Ryder is talking with Matt Laquer, the medical student on her team, reviewing orders for the patients that he has been helping to care for. Ryder makes sure that her medical students and interns have a chance to work on interesting cases—meaning cases on which they are most likely to learn something. "I want you to see as much as possible," she told Laquer earlier in the day. The Department of Medicine recently recognized Ryder for her exemplary teaching skills by giving her an "Excellence in Teaching Award," sponsored by the national Arnold P. Gold Foundation. The award comes with a golden goose lapel pin that is visible on her white coat in several other photographs.

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