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24 Hours On Call

MON 12:06PM Ryder has just been paged. Interns usually get paged by nurses. But "on-call residents are either paged by their intern or by the ED [Emergency Department], their attending, or occasionally nurses," Ryder explains. Or, she adds, "M.D.'s will page the on-call resident with new admissions." Ryder returns the page, checking some data on the computer as she is talking. She makes several other calls while she's at it. "Just wanted to give you a heads-up on a couple of things," she says to a discharge coordinator. "Mr. A— is ready to be discharged today, back to Genesis. We are hoping to get Mr. B— out tomorrow."

MON 12:21PM Ryder has been paged again and is reading the callback number. Laquer and D'Souza are checking information on the white board in the background, as unit secretary Lynn Ruggles is processing paperwork. After Ryder returns the page, she will grab the lunch she has brought from home and head to noon conference, which is already in progress.

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