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24 Hours On Call

MON 7:46AM Ryder starts her day at morning report. About a dozen people are in attendance, including the chair of medicine. Dr. Matt Walton, chief resident, runs the meeting, handing out a sheet that describes two complex cases. The other residents discuss the cases and ask questions. Ryder wonders if one patient's symptoms had increased after he was given a certain medication.

MON 8:36AM Morning report is over. As the meeting breaks up, Ryder chats briefly with two fellow residents, Dr. Kevin Fleming and Dr. Josh Steinberg.

MON 9:05AM The members of the "red team"—pharmacy resident Lindsay Brooks, Ryder, medical student Matt Laquer, intern Sharlene D'Souza, and attending Brooke Herndon—stop at a nursing station to confer during rounds.

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